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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Custom Steelhead Float Rods

Completed my first Reel Tech custom fishing rods. What better choice for a custom jig maker than a pair of custom Float Rods. These rods built on Rogue 1063 10’6″ 4-8# blanks. I have fished with this model before and they make an AWESOME float rod for fishing jigs for steelhead. The beauty of building a custom rod is that you can put the handle right where you want it, choose the guides you want, and the colors you want. These rods will be married to a pair of Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500’s. Together, they make a wonderful, pleasure to fish combo.
I chose REC titanium guides for these two rods. The guides are virtually indestructible and very light.

The seat is an American Tackle AERO comfort grip seat with carbon fiber foregrip and rear grip. I love the raised palm swell on the top of these seats. Very ergonomic and fits the hand like a glove.

Rather than make a full rear grip, I decided to use the split grip design. I personally like the way this grip design looks and feels.

These rods came out just as I invisioned, and I anticipate that they are gonna bring alot of fish to the net!!

Tight Lines, bent rods, and screaming drags to all!!

Float/Jig Rigging Photo

I have received many requests on how to rig your float/jig system. Through much trial and error, this photo represents my favorite and most effective way to rig a float/jig. I use either 10# Power Pro or 15# Power Pro for my main line. The braid manages easily, is easy to mend, and floats better than monofilament. Most of the time, I like using a 1/4 oz West Coast Type float (Danielson actually makes a similar float, as seen in this photo, that is inexpensive and fantastic as well). I would recommend on super gluing the ends of the clear plastic tube where it exits the float, this will keep the clear tube from coming loose from repeated casting. This process is not necessary with the West Coast Floats as they are fully coated and the tube cannot pop out.
Under the float, I add a 3/16 oz sliding weight, a small bead, and then the #10 barrel swivel. The added weight really helps with keeping the line between the float and the jig vertical and down in the strike zone. The 1/4 oz float and the 3/16 oz weight is the perfect combination for throwing 1/8 oz jigs, as well as the smaller barbel type jigs. The float will ride straight up while drifting down river when using either jig.

Tight Lines!!

Lots of rain, poor fishing conditions this winter

Wierd fishing year this winter. Lots of rain kept the Rogue out of shape for most of the season unfortunately. The days we went out picked up a few fish here and there. Wrapped a couple of custom float/jig rods…..photos to follow!

Tight lines.