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Monthly Archives: July 2011

7-31-11 Middle Rogue River Salmon

Spent a great day on the water with my good friends George Freitas and Barry Fillipone. The weather was hot today, and the fishing was a bit slow. I did get lucky with this one big Chrome Chinook late in the morning. Caught while backbouncing RGB (Real Good Bait).

Captain George Freitas at the helm of his fine fish whackin’ drifter!

Custom Salmon Backbouncer Builds

I just completed a couple of custom salmon backbouncer builds for some dear friends of mine. Both are built on Rogue SM827 8’2″ 12-25# one piece blanks. Jon Geyer wanted something with a red/white/blue patriotic theme. Dan Ingledew wanted something in dark blue/silver to match his new custom Willie Sled. I had a blast making them, and they came out AWESOME. The recipients are also very pleased with their new weapons!!

Custom Carbon Fiber Split Grip design:

Jon wanted alternating main guide wraps in red/white/blue:

I did some custom diamond pattern wraps on the exposed blank of the split grip for each rod:

Photos of the signiature area just above the hook keeper:

Got a pair of custom steelhead sidedrifters in the works….photos coming soon!!

Custom Rod Build for my wife

Finished a custom build for my darling wife Jennifer in her favorite colors. Built on a 7’2″ 6-12# blank, I chose a split grip design with the American Tackle AERO comfort reel seat. This seat is so comfortable, it has become my favorite spinning seat. My experimentation and design for the decorative wrap on the blank below the rear grip came out AWESOME. Many smallmouth will fall victim to her magic with this custom wand in her hand!!