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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Reel Tech Custom–2 more salmon rod builds

I just completed 2 more salmon rods for two customers. Since making the firts ones, I am seeing alot of interest in the carbon fiber split grip design with the painted handles and decorative butt wraps. This was built on a Rogue SM 828 8’2″ 15-30# blank.

This rod was built for another customer who prefers the traditional full length cork handles. This was built on a Rogue SM 827 8’2″ 12-25# blank.

The customers are very happy and cant wait to land some salmon with their new rods!

Tight lines and screaming drags to all!!!

9-20-11 Rogue Salmon and a Mink

Had a good day with George and Alan. We even found some willing fish that wanted to play.

Heres Alan with a nice hen:

George with a nice hen also:

At the takeout, came across this young mink enjoying his prize of a salmon carcass:

Tight Lines!!!!

9-17-11 Upper Rogue Summer Steelhead

Had a great day on the water with friends John Geyer and Cory Brenner. Several fish landed and a few that threw the ugly bugs. Nice cool day for a change made it a wonderful day on the water.

9-4-11 Great fall salmon fishing on the Rogue

Had a blast today with my friend George Freitas and his son-in-law Caleb. Fishing was good. We caught fish on both Kwikfish and backbouncing eggs. A fine day indeed.

George bent to the cork on a once retired old Fenwick rod that was brought back to life with a new Reel Tech wrap job:

Caleb Bent on a Rogue River Chinook:

Commited biter:

George and I breaking in a new Reel Tech Custom Rod:

Breaking in a new Reel Tech Custom

I had a chance yesterday to get one of my own Reel Tech Customs wet and put it to the test on some Rogue River Chinook. What a pleasure to backbounce with this rod. I love the handle design and the rod feels like an extension of your arm when backbouncing with it. My 2 fishing partners as well as myself were all able to get fish on this rod and the consensus was unanimous……”what a sweet stick!!”

Caleb bendo on the Reel Tech Custom:

George Freitas with a fish landed on the Reel Tech Custom:

Yours truly, very happy with the performance of the rod:

Tight Lines!!

Fall Salmon fishing on the Rogue

Fall salmon fishing has been great on the Rogue. Here are some photos of some recent catches and some bent rods!!

Here is my Dad bendo on a Rogue River Salmon:

Happy man:

Good friend Mike Mull bent to the cork:

Some meat for Mike:

Mike and My Dad with their load:

Reel Tech Custom- Salmon rod for George Freitas

Reel Tech Custom Rod made for Good friend George Freitas. Built on a Rogue SM 828 8’2″ 15-30# blank. Old school design with 14″ rear and 3″ front cork handles…..just the way he likes it!!! Gunmetal wraps with dark blue trim, aluminum winding check. Fuji reel seat and Fuji Alconite guides. Knowing George, this rod will be responsible for bringing MANY Rogue River Salmon to the net!!

Tight Lines!!

Reel Tech Custom-2 more salmon rod builds!

I just finished a couple more salmon rods. For these builds I chose the Tribal Ink reel seats which are a painted reel seat (pretty darn cool). I used a carbon fiber split grip design again as these will be primarily used for backbouncing. Fuji Alconite guides and Aluminum winding checks were used as well. I chose to do two different but wrap designs for the area between the butt cap and the rear handle. These rods were built on Rogue SM 827 8’2″ 12-25# blanks.