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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Reel Tech Custom-Rogue 10’6″ Salmon Rod

Here is a custom rod that can be seen from space, just like the customer requested. This rod is built on a Rogue SM 1067 10’6″ 12-25# blank. Full length carbon fiber handles, Fuji reel seat, and Fuji Alconite guides complete this build. 10’6″ of salmon whoopin’ graphite!!

Ferrule wrap is the neon yellow and neon pink wrapped side by side, creating a cool looking orange color……awesome!

Tight lines and screaming drags to all!!

Reel Tech Custom-St. Croix SCV Graphite Steelhead Rod

Here is Cory Brenner’s 3rd Reel Tech Custom rod. This one he decided on a St. Croix SCV Graphite 9′ 6-10# blank. It is a beautiful blank, it has a great dark green painted finish on it that sparkles in the sun. As usual, Cory chose the awesome REC Black Pearl Titanium guides. He loved the handle on his last build so much that he went with the Fuji VSS reel seat built on a split grip cork design again. I was excited when he chose the colors to wrap as metallic evergreen and copper trim. I knew this would turn out as a classy looking rod, and the end result did not disappoint.

Enjoy your 3rd Reel Tech Custom Cory. Thank you so much for your business. Your satisfaction and excitement is what keeps me going.

Keep em’ bent to the cork!!

Cory Brenner-Happy Reel Tech Custom Rod Owner

Cory Brenner sent me some photos from one of his recent trips with his new Reel Tech Custom Steelhead Rod. This rod is the second one he had me make for him. I am currently piecing together his 3rd as I type this. Here is some kind words from Cory:

“That rod is so sick!! After I fished with it for 3 days, I grabbed my other factory rod and it felt like a club. This rod, like the St. Croix float rod you built is so accurate on the cast. The bite feels so much better than my factory rods. It will hold a big fish just fine, and with the CI-4, it’s the best rod I have, hands down man. I hooked so many I lost count. I landed over 12 fish, hooked 5 or 6 that I didn’t land, all on that rod!”

Cory, you made my day. I am very pleased that you enjoy your rods so much. Keep up the great success and thank you for taking the time to send in these photos which are FANTASTIC!!

Keep em’ bent to the cork Cory!!

Reel Tech Custom Steelhead Jig Biter

Some cool shots of a nice winter steelhead that fell for the jig today and was quickly released. I just love these photos. Nothing like catching one of your favorite fish on something you made.

Drag free drifts and bobber downs!!

2-14-12 More Winter Steelhead

Here are a few photos from our trip today. We had a fantastic day on the river with my friends Jon Geyer and John Brackett. Had some sun, some rain, and some hail. We brought 10 fish to the net….all released quickly back to the water. We lost one hog that John hooked that had the head shakes of a real T.O.A.D., big shoulders for sure. Never saw that one, ran hard, stayed deep, and the hook pulled out after a good battle. Oh well, cant win em all.
We got some nice shiny hard pullin’ acrobatic winter fish. Found another dandy one that couldn’t resist the Reel Tech Custom Steelhead jig. I just love the photos of yet another mouth stuffed full of marabou. That makes my day!
Great times with great friends…..what could be better??

Here is John BENDO on a winter steel:

John had the hot hand today, landing 6 fish. 5 in 5 passes at one point 🙂

The Reel Tech bent on steel:

Some real cool water shots of a Reel Tech Custom Steelhead Jig:

A nice winter steel with a mouth full of marabou!

Tight Lines and Screaming drags to all!

Reel Tech Custom-7′ Bass Spinning Rod

A custom 7′ spinning rod built for my Dad. Rogue blank, Fuji VSS reel seat, split grip cork handle, Fuji Alconite guides, and wrapped in NY Jets colors. My Dad is very happy with his NY Giants steelhead rod, and now he has a NY Jets bass rod to round out his quiver.
Enjoy Dad!

Keep em’ bent to the cork!!

Reel Tech Custom-Steelhead Spinning Rod

Here is a build I recently completed that has extra special meaning. This rod is for customer Kim Parara’s wife Kathy, who is a Breast Cancer survivor. Built on a Rogue SS 904 9′ 6-10# blank. Kim wanted the lightweight and strong REC Titanium guides. He wanted a split grip carbon fiber handle system as well as some fancy work done on the split grip section. The rod is wrapped in Breast Cancer survivor pink.

Tight Lines!

ADVICE from the Reel Tech – Clutch bars

Hello all,

Just a tidbit of advice from The Reel Tech. Im sure you guys all have reels with a thumb bar disengagement systems such as Shimano Curados, Citicas, Calcuttas, Chronarchs, Pfleuger Presidents, Trions, Daiwa baitcast reels etc etc.

All of these systems have a bar, either metal or plastic, that extends from inside the reel and into the plastic or aluminum thumb bar that you actually press down to disengage the reel and put into free spool. Looking from behind the reel, the actual button you press is either closer/connected to the left side or right side of the reel depending whether it is a left or right hand retrieve.

A recommendation on my part to prolong the life of your clutch system on your reels and reduce wear to the parts, is to make sure when you depress the thumb bar, your thumb is as close to the side plate that the button is set. This results in more of a straight down push and disengagement. Pressing down on the outside edge of the thumb bar adds undo stress to the assembly. The top of the button actually pulls away from the area where it is connected when you are pressing down. This adds much added stress to the system and causes both the internal and external parts of the clutch system to wear out quicker.

The bar that extends out from inside the reel into the thumb bar actually can break or bend out of shape, and once this happens, you have issues with buttons that stick in the down position or have a hard time depressing. Most of the well worn Curados I service all need a slight tweaking and reshaping of the metal bar that goes into the thumb bar.

ALSO, it is a GREAT idea to every once in a while put a little lube (light grease, or a little oil) on the surface where the clutch bar slides up and down along the plastic shim or the side plate. Once this area becomes dry and gets dust/dirt/grime on it, it is like sandpaper and will wear out the shim and side of the clutch bar.

By heeding the recommendations above, you will increase the longevity of your clutch system and slow the wear down process of the parts

I hope my descriptions make sense…..if not, please feel free to ask any questions you may have

Tight Lines!!

Winter Steelheading on the Rogue

Had a great day on the water with friends George Freitas and Alan Odom. We landed a couple and lost another. Not an epic day of fishing, but a great day with great weather.

Here’s George bent to the cork on a nice winter steelhead:

The fishing will only get better here on the Rogue, there is lots of fish coming!

Tight lines and screaming drags!!

Reel Tech Custom Steel Slayer

Reel Tech Custom Steelhead Float Rod laying next to some nice Chrome!

Tight Lines and Bent Rods!