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Monthly Archives: March 2012

REEL TECH CUSTOM- Two 7′ 11″ Bass Crank bait Rods

Completed a pair of custom crank bait rods using a Rogue CB2 7’11” 6-12# blank, and a Rogue CB3 7’11” 8-17# blank. Cork split grip handle systems with Fuji ACS exposed blank trigger seats, and Fuji Alconite guides complete the builds.

The custom smallmouth bass decals on the rods add a nice touch to these custom rods.

Ready for spring, and for tossing crank baits to dig out eager bronzebacks πŸ™‚
Tight Lines!

REEL TECH CUSTOM- Two Lamiglas XMG50 Builds

Here is a pair of custom steelhead rods built for a customer with great taste. Matty wanted one spinning rod and one casting rod, and he chose the great Lamiglas XMG50 blanks for the core of the builds.

Spinning Rod:
Lamiglas XMG50 114-2LL 9’6″ 4-8# spinning blank.
American Tackle AERO spinning seat.
REC Black Pearl Titanium Spinning guides.
Split grip carbon fiber handle.
Fuschia wraps with truquoise trim.

Casting Rod:
Lamiglas XMG50 114-2M 9’6″ 6-12# casting blank.
Fuji Alconite guides.
Fuji ECSM blank exposed reel seat.
Carbon fiber split grip handle.
Fuschia wrap with Turquoise trim.

Enjoy the rods Matty, wishing you many fish for years to come !

Bent rods, tight lines, and screaming drags to all!

Braided Line and Casting Reels

There is increasing popularity of the use of braided lines in all types of fishing. Braids can be fished effectively on spinning reels as well as casting reels, and I personally use braid on both.

You will need to consider the type of fishing you are going to do and what type of fish you are chasing when determining which casting reel to purchase for the use of braided lines.

The differences in the reels to consider are that of a disengaging or non-disengaging level wind (the part that your line goes through and that guides your line back and forth across the spool while retrieving).

Reels that have a disengaging level wind, such as most of the small low profile baitcasting reels, the level wind is driven only when you are turning the reel handle. β€œReels that have a non-disengaging level wind, such as the Abu round reels, some Calcuttas, The Toro version of the Abu REVO, etc. the level wind is driven by the spools movement, whether the reel is in gear or in free spool.”

The Abu Round reels such as the 6500 C4 shown below have a non disengaging level wind. The level wind is driven by spool movement:

The Shimano Curado shown below has a disengaging level wind. The level wind is driven by turning the handle. The level wind is disengaged when in free spool or when just the spool is moving while a fish is taking line:

My recommendation to you all is that if you are chasing fish that will take long, hard runs, or repeated drag burning runs while you are fighting them, it is to your benefit and advantage to purchase a reel with a non-disengaging level wind (one that is driven by spool movement). This way, as the fish is peeling off line on a hard run under some drag pressure, the level wind is following/guiding the braided line off of the spool. I have repaired many reels that were broken because of using disengaging level winds for big hard running fish. Braid is a very tough, abrasive, no stretch, unforgiving line. The angles created by the line coming off of the reel through a stationary level wind can destroy the level wind system. On the other hand, fishing for bass or other fish that do not take drag burning runs, a disengaging level wind is fine and works wonderfully.

For spinning reels the above does not come into play. You can fish braided line on all good quality spinning reels without much concern.

Tight lines and screaming drags to all!!

Reel Tech Custom-Two 7’6″ Spinning Rod Builds.

A couple of very special customers of mine, Frank and Paul, contacted me and wanted a lightweight, 7’6″ spinning rod for light line surf fishing down in Southern Califorina. We went with the Rogue 7’6″ one piece 4-8# blank for the heart of these builds. The REC Titanium guides in Black were a must. They each wanted a Fuji VSS reel seat. Per their individual preferences, Frank wanted the seat mounted uplocking, and Paul wanted the seat mounted downlocking. They both went with the split grip cork handle and aluminum winding checks.
Frank is a Denver Broncos fan and wanted the rod built around that theme. Paul took a liking to some other blue and purple Reel Tech Customs he saw on the blog, so he wanted that color combo.
The rods came out BEAUTIFUL, and I know they will be very happy to fish these lightweight spinning rods. They will be packed in a shipping tube and mailed out tomorrow to their eagerly waiting hands.

Have fun Frank and Paul and enjoy your new sticks. Thank you so much for your business and support.

Here you can see the Fuji VSS reel seat mounted in both the uplocking (Broncos theme) and the downlocking (Blue/Purple theme) position. That is the beauty of custom…..to make it the way YOU want it πŸ™‚

Stay bent to the cork my friends!!