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Monthly Archives: June 2012


Its what you cant see that does a lot of damage. Regular maintenance on your reels is important if you want to extend their life. This is a customers reel that is fished in saltwater. Outside, the reel looked good, the customer does a good job of keeping the outside corrosion free for the most part. When the reel got to me, it was very sticky and near zero performance. The reel was destined for the trash can, but after a visit to me, its ready to be put back on a fishing rod and do what its supposed to do 🙂

LOTS of corrosion going on behind the scenes that you would never see. Slowly, this eats away at the parts inside and robs the reel of its performance. The salt water buildup forms a white powder substance inside. This in turn becomes very abrasive and eats away at the reel parts:

The main gear was corroded/fused to the main post, rendering any sort of drag or gear movement impossible. This was freed up, cleaned, surfaces polished, lubricated, and a new set of drags put in:

AFTER Reel Tech Service. Some pitting remain in the metal from the corrosion which is caused by the corrosion being on the metal for too long, but the reel is now clean, lubricated, and in great working order. Ready to catch fish again :):

Tight lines to all!!


Here is a long time friend and customer getting it done in So-Cal with a Reel Tech Custom. We designed this build to be used for a light surf fishing stick. He absolutely loves the rod and has been catching LOTS of fish on it.

Just what Paul wanted…..A light action surf rod. We designed this build with a Rogue 7’6″ 4-8# one piece blank, Black REC Titanium Guides, and a split grip cork handle with a Fuji VSS Reel Seat. I love seeing my creations being put to use, especially with a band in them, and smiles on the customers faces 🙂

Here is a nice Spotfin Croaker and a Corbina taken in the So Cal surf on his new rod:

Thank you Paul, I love the photos, and I am so happy you are enjoying your new Reel Tech Custom light surf rod !! Tight Lines 🙂 🙂

Passing on the passion

Cant believe how fast time flies, my two nephews, Ryan 7, and Dylan 6, love being a part of what Uncle John enjoys in the outdoors, whether it be hunting or fishing.
My Dad, my Brother in Law, and I are looking forward to watching them continue to grow into responsible and ethical outdoorsmen. Any day taking them fishing is a fantastic day. These two must learn in their sleep or be alot more attentive than I imagined. Another year of fishing and these two look like naturals with their casting, fish fighting, and desire. I am so proud of them 🙂

Cant wait to get them onto their first salmon and steelhead SOON!!

REEL TECH CUSTOM – His and Hers Steelhead Rods

Here is a sweet pair of custom steelhead rods built for a husband and wife team of steelhead finatics. Made to each of their liking with top of the line components and color schemes, including some artwork in the rear section of the split grip area. These rods came out BEAUTIFUL. Clay and Amy cannot wait to get these rods BENT to the cork on some hard pulling steelhead.

Rogue SS 963 9’6″ 4-8# blank. REC Black Pearl Titanium guides, American Tackle AERO reel seat, split grip cork handle. Purple wraps with fuchia and silver trim.

Rogue SS 1063 10’6″ 4-8# blank. REC titanium guides, American Tackle AERO reel seat, split grip cork handle. Red wraps with red/silver metallic twist thread.

Knowing these two, these rods will be responsible for alot of fun filled days and lots of steelhead catching 🙂 🙂

Enjoy the rods Clay and Amy…..Tight lines !