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Monthly Archives: September 2012

REEL TECH CUSTOM – 9’6 Steelhead Rod

Another custom done and on its way to the coast to the happy owner. This rod will be put into action upon its arrival, and will see lots of it.

Rogue SS963 9’6″ 4-8″ blank, American Tackle A-Frame Ring Lock Spinning Guides, American Tackle AERO Comfort Reel Seat, carbon fiber split grip design, wrapped with green main wraps and green/silver metallic twist trim. SWEET!!

Split grip carbon fiber handle, American Tackle AERO comfort reel seat:

American Tackle A-Frame Nanolite Ring Lock Spinning Guides – Green wrap with green/silver metallic twist trim. Very nice!

Keep em’ BENT!!

REEL TECH CUSTOM – 9’6″ Steelhead Rod

Custom delivered to Jon Geyer of Jon Geyer’s Guide Service, and within a day of its delivery, has already been responsible for bringing several summer steelhead to the net. This rod will see an unbelievable amount of use being in his boat.

Rogue SS963 9’6″ 4-8″ blank, REC Black Pearl Titanium Guides, American Tackle AERO Comfort Reel Seat, carbon fiber split grip design, wrapped with purple main wraps and hot pink trim finished with glitter epoxy. The custom pink and purple marbling done on the rear split grip area really gives this rod character. AWESEOME!

REC Black Pearl Titanium Spinning Guides – Lightweight, indestructible perfection:

Purple and pink marbling with glitter epoxy done in split grip area – truly CUSTOM !

Already tested and approved!!:

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags to ALL!!

REEL TECH CUSTOM – Refurbishing a classic stick

Refurbished an old Fenwick glass salmon rod for a customer. I Removed the old worn out wire framed guides and replaced with new American Tackle Ring Lock Guides. The Stunning neon green with neon orange trim is a real eye catcher too. A hook keeper was also added by customers request as the rod did not have one.

This rod is ready to be put back into service….it is going to be a fantastic Kwikfish rod πŸ™‚

Tight Lines!

REEL TECH CUSTOM – Carbon Fiber Grip Salmon Rod

Another complete custom salmon rod headed to a happy customer.

Rogue SM 827 8’2″ 12-25# blank, Fuji ECSM blank through Reel Seat, Fuji Alconite Casting Guides, Full Length Carbon Fiber Handle, wrapped in Turquoise with silver trim, Chinook Decal.

Fuji Alconite Guides wrapped in turquoise with silver trim:

Tight Lines!

REEL TECH CUSTOM – Carbon Fiber Grip Salmon Rod

Reel Tech Custom Salmon Rod ready for delivery! This one came out great, and the gal who gets it is going to love it πŸ™‚

Rogue SM 827 8’2″ 12-25# blank, Fuji ECSM blank through Reel Seat, American Tackle Ring Lock Holographic Guides, Full Length Carbon Fiber Handle, wrapped in Fl Pink with Fl orange trim, Chinook Decal..SWEET!!

American Tackle Ring Lock Holographic Casting Guides – perfect with the Fl pink and Fl orange wraps !

I know this rod will be put to good use, and not only a great fish catcher, but an eye catcher as well!!

Tight Lines and Bent Rods my friends!!

Reel Tech Tip – Spinning Reel Bail Systems

An improperly working bail system on a spinning reel can make for a frustrating day and sometimes take the reel out of commission until repaired. A few things to keep in mind concerning spinning reel bail systems. A great rule to follow and to put into practice is to always close the bail with your hand. Yes, the bail will close if you turn the handle, but developing the habit of closing the bail with your hand will prolong the life of the bail, reduce wear, and puts less stress on the whole system. There are other parts involved such as the friction ring, the bail trip lever, and the ramp that trips the lever which all play a part when turning the handle to close the bail. Another great habit to get into is to make sure the line is seated in the line roller after your cast and you close the bail. This can completed in the same process. Close the bail with your hand, pull the line into the line roller, and begin your retrieve. This will eliminate the chance of the line not being seated in the line roller, the line opening the bail when you set the hook, and causing unnecessary damage to the bail system. Once you develop this habit, it becomes second nature and you don’t even have to think about it.

I have seen many people who like to make a hard cast with a spinning reel and close the bail while the lure/offering is in mid flight to stop the cast. This is not a good idea as this puts undue stress and shock on the bail system. If you wish to control the distance of a cast or stop the cast altogether, a better practice is to put a finger on the lip of the spool to feather the line/slow/stop the line coming off the spool. Once the lure/offering hits the water, close the bail with your hand and begin your retrieve.

Be mindful of the bail wire and bail arm. This is an easily damaged and relatively fragile part of a spinning reel. An impact to the wire itself (stepped on or dropped) can deform the shape of the wire and cause it to be ineffective. An impact can also damage/break the bail arm/spring connection, cause mis alignment, and can render it useless as well.

Photo showing the Bail Wire, Line Roller, and Bail Arm:

By practicing and applying the above techniques, you will preserve and get more life of your spinning reels.

Tight Lines!