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Monthly Archives: July 2013

REEL TECH CUSTOM – Cork Split Grip Salmon Rod

Custom just completed and will be delivered soon. This is the second Reel Tech Custom for Amy Sandlin. She wanted to match the thread wraps of the steelhead rod I made her, finished with some custom marbling. The rod turned out fantastic, and based on the responses to the work in process photos I sent to Amy, she is in love, and cant wait to put this rod into action. Enjoy your new toy Amy, and thank you as always for choosing The Reel Tech.

Rogue SM827 8’2″ 12-25# blank, Cork split grip handle, cork/composite butt cap, American Tackle Ring Lock Nanoplasma Holographic Guides, purple aluminum winding checks. Wrapped in purple main, fuschia and silver trim. Custom purple/lavender/silver marbling in the rear section. Rod is finished off with purple/fuschia/silver glitter epoxy. AMAZING!



American Tackle Ring lock Nanoplasma Holographic Guides!

Custom purple/lavender/silver marbling with glitter epoxy:


Tight lines and bent rods to all!

Reel Tech Custom Fishing Rods – Bringing SUCCESS in style!

Jared Bucher had his new Reel Tech Custom North Fork Salmon Rod in full bendo in short order! Nice job Jared, I wish you continued success with that flashy one of a kind custom rod 🙂



Tight Lines!

REEL TECH CUSTOM – North Fork Salmon Rod

Completed and delivered, this North Fork Salmon Rod a work of art. Jared Bucher chose a great blank, and one of my favorite color combinations for this custom stick. One of a kind and ready to be of service in style!

North Fork Composite 8′ 12-25# blank, split grip carbon fiber handle, Fuji ECSM blank through reel seat, rubber butt cap, gold/black aluminum winding checks, American Tackle Nanoplasma Ring Lock Holographic guides. Wrapped in metallic lime with copper trim, custom 2 tone green and copper marbling. Finished with green/copper glitter epoxy. CUSTOM!!


American Tackle Holographic Nanoplasma Ring lock guides, wrapped in metallic lime with copper trim. Green/copper glitter epoxy.:

Carbon fiber split grip handle, gold/black aluminum winding checks, custom 2 tone green/copper marbling, green/copper glitter epoxy:


I know you are enjoying your new rod Jared…I have seen the photos of your success!!

Tight lines, bent rods, and screaming drags to all!

REEL TECH CUSTOM – 9′ Steelhead Spinning Rod

What a great gift! Becky wanted something special for her husband John for their wedding anniversary. She wanted a very nice rod with a blue theme, she left the rest up to me. She requested a special saying in the signature area which added to the customization. This rod will make the PERFECT gift for a man who loves to fish.

Rogue SS904 9′ 6-10# blank, American Tackle AERO spin seat, REC Titanium Spin Guides, split grip carbon fiber handle, blue aluminum winding checks, rubber butt cap. Wrapped in metallic blue with blue/silver metallic twist trim. Custom 2 tone blue and silver marbling in the rear section makes this rod truly CUSTOM!!


REC Titanium Spin Guides, wrapped in metallic blue with blue/silver metallic twist trim:

A truly custom touch, a personalized saying written in the signature area makes this a very special gift:

Custom 2 tone blue/silver marbling, split grip carbon fiber handle, blue aluminum winding checks…CUSTOM:

Enjoy your new rod John, you are one lucky Dude 🙂

REEL TECH CUSTOM – 6′ Spinning Rod

A customer contacted me to say that her 20 yr old custom rod gave up the ghost. She was interested in getting another one built. She brought the rod to the shop and said she really liked her old one and wanted to keep as much the same as possible. She was into a bit of modernization as far as the components go, and with that, I went to building. She was very pleased with the results and this rod is in use already!

Rogue 6-12# blank cut to 6′ per customer request, full length carbon fiber handle, American Tackle AERO Spinning Seat, REC Black Pearl Titanium spin guides, blue aluminum winding check. Wrapped in metallic royal blue with metallic blue steel trim. One sweet little rod!




Thank you Sheila! Enjoy your new custom rod 🙂