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REEL TECH CUSTOM for my nephew Ryan’s 8th Birthday

It was my nephew Ryan’s 8th birthday this past weekend and I decided to make him his own custom fishing rod. He has come such a long way in his fishing ability and his passion continues to grow which makes this uncle VERY happy. His Dad got him a brand new Symetre 2500 for his birthday to put on this rod. Ryan was so excited for his first fishing outfit, and is excited to continue to learn more and more about fishing. Tight lines Ryan…..I am a very fortunate and a proud uncle!

Rogue 7′ 6-10# blank, Fuji VSS Reel Seat, split grip cork handle, Fuji Alconite guides, wrapped in electric blue with blue/silver metallic twist thread.

Ryan — One happy and excited Dude!! He cant wait to get a bend in it 🙂

Tight Lines and screaming drags!!


Here is a long time friend and customer getting it done in So-Cal with a Reel Tech Custom. We designed this build to be used for a light surf fishing stick. He absolutely loves the rod and has been catching LOTS of fish on it.

Just what Paul wanted…..A light action surf rod. We designed this build with a Rogue 7’6″ 4-8# one piece blank, Black REC Titanium Guides, and a split grip cork handle with a Fuji VSS Reel Seat. I love seeing my creations being put to use, especially with a band in them, and smiles on the customers faces 🙂

Here is a nice Spotfin Croaker and a Corbina taken in the So Cal surf on his new rod:

Thank you Paul, I love the photos, and I am so happy you are enjoying your new Reel Tech Custom light surf rod !! Tight Lines 🙂 🙂

Passing on the passion

Cant believe how fast time flies, my two nephews, Ryan 7, and Dylan 6, love being a part of what Uncle John enjoys in the outdoors, whether it be hunting or fishing.
My Dad, my Brother in Law, and I are looking forward to watching them continue to grow into responsible and ethical outdoorsmen. Any day taking them fishing is a fantastic day. These two must learn in their sleep or be alot more attentive than I imagined. Another year of fishing and these two look like naturals with their casting, fish fighting, and desire. I am so proud of them 🙂

Cant wait to get them onto their first salmon and steelhead SOON!!

Springer Fishing

Here are some photos of some recent success photos of Spring Chinook fishing. Good times with great people 🙂
Natives quickly released after photo.

More to come! Tight lines.

Happy Reel Tech Custom Fishing Rod Owner

Got a nice message and photo from a happy angler. The photo is of a DANDY winter steelhead caught on his Reel Tech Custom Spinning Rod.

Here are Matty’s words:
“Here is one pf my 2 that I caught today. The rod fishes great I just love it. We hooked 7 boated 6 and kept 6 great day on the water.”

Thank you for sharing the photo Matty. You made my day. I am very happy you love the rods. I wish you continued success and happiness my friend!!

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags to ALL!

2-14-12 More Winter Steelhead

Here are a few photos from our trip today. We had a fantastic day on the river with my friends Jon Geyer and John Brackett. Had some sun, some rain, and some hail. We brought 10 fish to the net….all released quickly back to the water. We lost one hog that John hooked that had the head shakes of a real T.O.A.D., big shoulders for sure. Never saw that one, ran hard, stayed deep, and the hook pulled out after a good battle. Oh well, cant win em all.
We got some nice shiny hard pullin’ acrobatic winter fish. Found another dandy one that couldn’t resist the Reel Tech Custom Steelhead jig. I just love the photos of yet another mouth stuffed full of marabou. That makes my day!
Great times with great friends…..what could be better??

Here is John BENDO on a winter steel:

John had the hot hand today, landing 6 fish. 5 in 5 passes at one point 🙂

The Reel Tech bent on steel:

Some real cool water shots of a Reel Tech Custom Steelhead Jig:

A nice winter steel with a mouth full of marabou!

Tight Lines and Screaming drags to all!

Winter Steelheading on the Rogue

Had a great day on the water with friends George Freitas and Alan Odom. We landed a couple and lost another. Not an epic day of fishing, but a great day with great weather.

Here’s George bent to the cork on a nice winter steelhead:

The fishing will only get better here on the Rogue, there is lots of fish coming!

Tight lines and screaming drags!!

Winter Steelhead

Spent a couple days on a wonderful Oregon River with my friend Jon Geyer and Kim Parara. We had some rain, some sun, and some willing fish. We got a couple of Dandy fish on this trip. Good fun with great people!

Kim Bendo on a nice Steelhead:

Jon Bendo on some Chrome:

Kim landed a HOG steel:

A nice one for me that fell for a yarnie:

Photo of a Reel Tech Custom laying next to a nice Steelhead:

Tight Lines!

1-25-12 Seminar in Redding for the Fishers of Men Christian Sportsmen Club

The Reel Tech would like to thank Andrew Armstead and John Rabjohn for inviting me down to Redding, CA to do a seminar for their Fishers of Men Christian Sportsmen Club. My wife Jennifer and I cannot thank you enough for the friendly and kind hospitality. What a pleasure it was to speak in front of a great bunch of kind hearted fishing fanatics. Great questions were asked, and I really enjoyed the audience interaction throughout the presentation.
Again, a big thank you to the Fishers of Men Sportsmen Club, and to all of you who came to listen to me speak. It was my pleasure, and I look forward to doing it again!! I really enjoyed the time with you guys!

The Reel Tech-Honored

Hello all,

Just wanted to say that I am proud to have met the acquaintance of Christopher Heller, owner of Allaroundangler.com, a site for river fishermen, by river fishermen. Chris’ passion for fishing is undeniable. Just recently, Chris advised me and made an announcement on his site that I would be officially endorsed and recommended as the preferred Fishing Reel and Fishing Rod technician for Allaroundangler.com. I am honored to be part of, and to be associated with Chris Heller and Allaroundangler.com.

The link to the announcement is: http://allaroundangler.com/blog/2012/01/the-reel-techaaa-endorsed-reel-rod-repair/

I have added a link to Allaroundangler.com to my Friends page. Please take some time and browse through Christopher’s site. Chris and his friends are REALLY talented fishermen and know how to harvest the chrome. Their great videos are both entertaining and very informative. The articles and stories section is full of top notch, very accurate, and extremely helpful information.

One thing I applaud Chris for is the fact that he keeps all river names and locations anonymous. Chris encourages site visitors to send in success photos or any fishing photos for that matter, without fear that where you are fishing will be revealed. Gaining true fishing knowledge is never about where, what river, or what spot, its about learning the techniques and tactics, and then applying them to wherever you live, and whatever river you fish. There is a lot of fantastic knowledge that can be obtained from the site, no matter what your skill level at fishing may be.

Thank you Chris Heller and Allaroundangler.com !!

Tight lines and screaming drags!