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Reel Tech Custom-Matching pair of steelhead sidedrifters.

A customer and friend of mine wanted a matching pair of steelhead sidedrifting rods for his boat. He chose Rogue 9′ SS904-2 6-10# blanks for the build. These blanks make fantastic steelhead sidedrifting rods. He wanted to go all out and chose REC Titanium Recoil Guides for their lightness and toughness. He wanted a butt section that was not too long to be cumbersom while wearing the heavy clothing of winter steelhead fishing, but also wanted enough but to have plenty of power while fighting fish. We went with 10″ rear carbon fiber handles which are just about perfect. He really liked the palm swell of the American Tackle AERO Comfort grip seats, so we incorporated them into the build. They turned out fantastic! Two lightweight, super sensitive, steelhead slayin’ tools!!

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