Its what you cant see that does a lot of damage. Regular maintenance on your reels is important if you want to extend their life. This is a customers reel that is fished in saltwater. Outside, the reel looked good, the customer does a good job of keeping the outside corrosion free for the most part. When the reel got to me, it was very sticky and near zero performance. The reel was destined for the trash can, but after a visit to me, its ready to be put back on a fishing rod and do what its supposed to do 🙂

LOTS of corrosion going on behind the scenes that you would never see. Slowly, this eats away at the parts inside and robs the reel of its performance. The salt water buildup forms a white powder substance inside. This in turn becomes very abrasive and eats away at the reel parts:

The main gear was corroded/fused to the main post, rendering any sort of drag or gear movement impossible. This was freed up, cleaned, surfaces polished, lubricated, and a new set of drags put in:

AFTER Reel Tech Service. Some pitting remain in the metal from the corrosion which is caused by the corrosion being on the metal for too long, but the reel is now clean, lubricated, and in great working order. Ready to catch fish again :):

Tight lines to all!!

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