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Examples of The Reel Tech’s fishing reel repair and service.

Reels before-Then after Reel Tech Service!

Here are some before shots of the Shimano Scorpions a customer sent me.


Notice the dirt, grime, and solidified steelhead bait on the frame and sideplates.

Dirt and grime inside the worm gear and level wind system.

Front view with level wind guard removed.  Dirt and grime gets in and under everything, affecting performance.

Excessive dirt and grime on the level wind system.


Nice clean, debris free frame and sideplates.

Nice clean worm gear and level wind system.  Free of debris and ready to go!

Under view of reel with a nice clean debris free level wind system.

Its amazing what a thorough cleaning and lubrication can do for the performance of your reels.  Send them to me and I will make them like new again!!

Tight Lines!

Drag Upgrades

As far as the ever popular Abu round reels are concerned, there is now a drag washer that I feel is the best out there.  The new carbontex drags are absolutely amazing.  I prefer to install them “wet” with a light coating of drag grease.  They can also be installed dry, without grease, if that is your preference. 

I feel the lightly greased carbontex drag system is the smoothest, longest lasting upgrade that can be made for these reels.  I guarantee you will be pleased when a big salmon or steelhead takes a hard run and the drag works smooth as silk.

Tight Lines!

Message from THE REEL TECH

For me, fishing for me is not just a hobby… is a way of life…….an obsession.  Through my many adventures, I have acquired an extensive knowledge of both fresh and salt water fishing, and the gear and tackle associated with it. I have utilized my passion for fishing and the gear we use to become a very successful reel repair technician.  For over 20 years now, I have been fixing, repairing, rebuilding, maintaining, and troubleshooting all types of fishing reels, from small freshwater spinning reels, to offshore 2-speed big game reels.   My wife Jennifer and I reside in Medford Oregon, in the beautifull Rogue Valley.

I built this business delivering integrity, honesty, quality service, and fast turnaround. As an avid fisherman, I understand that no fisherman should be without his tools longer than absolutely necessary. It is my mission to get you back in the water as quickly as possible. I am confident that your satisfaction will be met, and you will join my growing family of return customers.