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Reels before-Then after Reel Tech Service!

Here are some before shots of the Shimano Scorpions a customer sent me.


Notice the dirt, grime, and solidified steelhead bait on the frame and sideplates.

Dirt and grime inside the worm gear and level wind system.

Front view with level wind guard removed.  Dirt and grime gets in and under everything, affecting performance.

Excessive dirt and grime on the level wind system.


Nice clean, debris free frame and sideplates.

Nice clean worm gear and level wind system.  Free of debris and ready to go!

Under view of reel with a nice clean debris free level wind system.

Its amazing what a thorough cleaning and lubrication can do for the performance of your reels.  Send them to me and I will make them like new again!!

Tight Lines!

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