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The Reel Tech Barbell Jigs Produce

Sometimes, something a little smaller is in order to convince a steelhead to bite.  These Reel Tech Barbell Steelhead Jigs are tied using premium hooks and lead barbell eyes.  Fished the same way as the traditional 1/8 oz jigs, they have a way of consistently bringing fish to the net when conditions call for a smaller offering.  These small jigs are primo in clearer water, and the darker, buggier looking jigs can really shine under these conditions

Here is a Chrome Rogue River Winter Steelhead that fell for the pink Reel Tech Barbell Jig!!

Here is a pair of upper river steelhead held by Jon Geyer and myself, that couldnt resist this smaller Volcano Reel Tech Barbell Jig!

Here are a couple of upper river fish.  This shows the effectiveness of a darker, buggier looking barbell jig in clear water conditions.

Tight Lines!!!

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