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Reel Tech Barbell Jigs

Here are some examples of my Reel Tech Barbell Steelhead Jigs.  These are tied on a smaller size #2 or even a size #4 premium hook.  Most often, I use both plated and plain lead barbell eyes because I like the weight they provide over brass.  The hook shanks are then wrapped in .035 lead wire for added weight.  Sometimes the fish want something a bit smaller than the standard 1/8 oz jig, and in the darker colors, they make great clear water buggy looking jigs!  The fish LOVE EM!

Here is an orange/white/chartreuse barbell jig with orange chenille head:

The ever popular pink/white whith hot pink chenille head:

One of my favorites–The Volcano tied in dumbell fashion:

Hot pink/shell pink with shell pink chenille head-Metalhead Magnet for sure !!!:

Here is one tied with brass dumbell eyes-pink/shell pink- shell pink chenille:

These are examples of some fantastic clear water options:

Here is one of my favorite clear water jigs-Black/purple with purple hackle:

Another clear water favorite-Olive and black with black hackle:

Tight lines, bent rods, and screaming drags!!!!

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