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The fishing adventures of The Reel Tech.

2-11&12-11 Upper River Jig Fishing

The fishing in the middle Rogue has been slow so far this year.  The fish are on their way however and with rain scheduled for the coming week, it should be on when the river drops back in.

Friday and Saturday were spent on the upper Rogue to see if the fish wanted to play up there.  The fish were much more cooperative, and although not as bright as chrome winter fish in the middle Rogue, they were VERY willing to chomp the Reel Tech Steelhead jigs!!!

Brett Stewart fighting a feisty upper Rogue Steelhead.

In the net!

Brett with a nice jig biter!-Released.

Dave McIntyre bendo on an upper Rogue Steelhead.

Dave McIntyre with a nice jig steelhead!-Released.

A nice upper Rogue Steelhead that couldn’t resist a well placed jig!-Released.

A big buck that ate the jig!-released.

Hatchery Hen that came home with us!

Jig biting steelhead-Released

Small barbell Reel Tech Steelhead Jig!

Couldnt resist the Pink/Orange/White Reel Tech Barbell Jig!

Bobber downs, Bent Rods, Tight Lines and Screaming Drags to all!!!

2-2-11-Main Umpqua

Had a great day on the water with my good friends Jon Geyer and Clay Sandlin.  We landed 5 fish this day.  Winter Steelheading at its finest.  Beautiful weather and willing fish!

Classic bendo action!

Jon Geyer with a pair of fine Main Umpqua Steelhead!

Clay with a pair of Main Umpqua Chromers!

Jig fishing FUN!!

More fish taken with my favorite tactic……JIG FISHING!!  Nothing like seeing that float slip under, swinging, having that rod bend to the cork, and feeling the surge of life on the other end!!

Here is a nice Umpqua River winter steelhead that fell for a pink/orange jig!

A winter steelhead from the Rogue River that also fell for the orange/pink:

Upper Rogue River jig fish!

Big ole colored up Coho buck that couldn’t resist the VOLCANO jig!!!

Tight lines and screaming drags to all!!!

Jon Geyer’s Fishing Guide Service

A couple of very happy, repeat customers of my dear friend Jon Geyer of Jon Geyers Fishing Guide Service.  Another successful day for Jon and his clients, Cory and Josh on the Rogue River.  Booking a trip with Jon will be an experience you will not forget!!

Jon Geyer’s Fishing Guide Service
(541) 292-6850

Here is Cory with a steelhead caught on a Reel Tech Steelhead Jig while fishing with Jon Geyer!!   Look at that smile!

Here is Josh with a fine Rogue River Steelhead caught on a Reel Tech Steelhead Jig while fishing with Jon Geyer!

Tight Lines!!

2011 Winter Chrome

Had a wonderful day on the Chetco River in Brookings, Or with my good friend Jon on 1-3-11.  The water was perfect, beautiful emerald green.  Being an avid jig fisherman, it was nice to get a couple of these hot chrome fish on the jig.  They took a liking to the pink/orange on this day!! 

This Chrome hen was landed right where the photo was taken and was returned to the water right after this photo to continue her journey!! Tight Lines!!!

Winter Steelhead Season is upon us.

Oh the anticipation of the upcoming winter steelhead season has been all consuming.  It is one of my most favorite times of the year.  Cold mornings, freezing guides, the sound of the river, and hooking into big strong chrome winter Steelhead!!!  These two photos pretty much have winter steelhead written all over them:

Looking forward to bent rods and screaming drags!!  WOOO HOOOO!!!

Message from THE REEL TECH

For me, fishing for me is not just a hobby… is a way of life…….an obsession.  Through my many adventures, I have acquired an extensive knowledge of both fresh and salt water fishing, and the gear and tackle associated with it. I have utilized my passion for fishing and the gear we use to become a very successful reel repair technician.  For over 20 years now, I have been fixing, repairing, rebuilding, maintaining, and troubleshooting all types of fishing reels, from small freshwater spinning reels, to offshore 2-speed big game reels.   My wife Jennifer and I reside in Medford Oregon, in the beautifull Rogue Valley.

I built this business delivering integrity, honesty, quality service, and fast turnaround. As an avid fisherman, I understand that no fisherman should be without his tools longer than absolutely necessary. It is my mission to get you back in the water as quickly as possible. I am confident that your satisfaction will be met, and you will join my growing family of return customers.