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Premium hand-tied steelhead jigs by The Reel Tech.

Some Winter Steelhead Candy

Here are a few of my favorite hand tied winter Steelhead jigs.  These jigs have brought alot of fish to the net, and are some of my favorites for this time of year.   Steelhead can’t resist em’!! 

All the jig heads are hand poured in 1/8 oz with premium Gamakatsu 604 heavy wire jig hooks, coated in powder paint, and then coated in clear coat sparkle to give them a strong durable finish.  They are all tied with more maribou than you will find in any other jig, which gives them an unmistakable fish catching look when in the water.  A little crystal flash is used in some variations.  There are no corners cut and only the finest materials are used in making Reel Tech Steelhead Jigs.   GET THE NET!!!

Pink and White-Go anywhere and fish with confidence!

Pink and Orange-One of my absolute favorites-Steelhead magnet!!

Hot Pink/Shell Pink/Chartreuse head-A great jig for dirtier water!

A jig fondly dubbed “The Volcano” – LOTS of Steelhead have felt the sting of the hook on this jig!! 

More to come……..

Tight Lines, Bobber downs, and Screaming Drags to All!!

Jon Geyer’s Fishing Guide Service

A couple of very happy, repeat customers of my dear friend Jon Geyer of Jon Geyers Fishing Guide Service.  Another successful day for Jon and his clients, Cory and Josh on the Rogue River.  Booking a trip with Jon will be an experience you will not forget!!

Jon Geyer’s Fishing Guide Service
(541) 292-6850

Here is Cory with a steelhead caught on a Reel Tech Steelhead Jig while fishing with Jon Geyer!!   Look at that smile!

Here is Josh with a fine Rogue River Steelhead caught on a Reel Tech Steelhead Jig while fishing with Jon Geyer!

Tight Lines!!

2011 Winter Chrome

Had a wonderful day on the Chetco River in Brookings, Or with my good friend Jon on 1-3-11.  The water was perfect, beautiful emerald green.  Being an avid jig fisherman, it was nice to get a couple of these hot chrome fish on the jig.  They took a liking to the pink/orange on this day!! 

This Chrome hen was landed right where the photo was taken and was returned to the water right after this photo to continue her journey!! Tight Lines!!!

Float fishing Obsession

Here is the first Steelhead I ever caught, and it was on a jig.

This particular fish is what started my obsession not only with Steelhead, but with creating my own Steelhead slaying jig creations.  There is a great satisfaction that comes with hooking fish consistently on jigs you hand tied on your vise.  Knowing that your creation was good enough that a Steelhead couldnt just let it drift by without eating it.  There is no greater sight than seeing that brightly colored maribou jig hanging out of a Steelhead’s mouth when sliding it into the net.

I think I love float fishing so much because it is such a visual technique.  Making that perfect cast to an ideal looking seam, mending your line, that float standing straight up indicating a perfect presentation.  Watching the float drift down stream, seeing it slip under the water, setting the hook, the rod bending to the cork, and feeling the heavy surge of a lively Steelhead…..  GAME ON!!!

Float fishing has its place and is such an effective tactic.  You can fish water that you could not effectively sidedrift or run plugs in.  Many times the jig has saved the day on an otherwise slow outing.  There is nothing that can imitate the presentation of a properly fished jig, and sometimes on any particular day that may be all they want.  Many times we would make several passes sidedrifting through really good holes with really good baits or yarnies with no takers.  Run back up and put the jigs through the same run……….FISH ON!!!  Repeatedly!!

To say I am a float and jig fishing fanatic would be an understatement.  More often than not, you can find me walking the bank with 2 or 3 float rods, or standing in a drift boat or a jet boat mending line and pursuing that perfect drift!!  If the rivers are blown out and I am not at work, I am usually behind my vise tying more Metalhead Magnets!!

Tight lines, Bent rods, and screaming drags to all!!

Message from THE REEL TECH

For me, fishing for me is not just a hobby… is a way of life…….an obsession.  Through my many adventures, I have acquired an extensive knowledge of both fresh and salt water fishing, and the gear and tackle associated with it. I have utilized my passion for fishing and the gear we use to become a very successful reel repair technician.  For over 20 years now, I have been fixing, repairing, rebuilding, maintaining, and troubleshooting all types of fishing reels, from small freshwater spinning reels, to offshore 2-speed big game reels.   My wife Jennifer and I reside in Medford Oregon, in the beautifull Rogue Valley.

I built this business delivering integrity, honesty, quality service, and fast turnaround. As an avid fisherman, I understand that no fisherman should be without his tools longer than absolutely necessary. It is my mission to get you back in the water as quickly as possible. I am confident that your satisfaction will be met, and you will join my growing family of return customers.