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Premium hand-tied steelhead jigs by The Reel Tech.

1-25-12 Seminar in Redding for the Fishers of Men Christian Sportsmen Club

The Reel Tech would like to thank Andrew Armstead and John Rabjohn for inviting me down to Redding, CA to do a seminar for their Fishers of Men Christian Sportsmen Club. My wife Jennifer and I cannot thank you enough for the friendly and kind hospitality. What a pleasure it was to speak in front of a great bunch of kind hearted fishing fanatics. Great questions were asked, and I really enjoyed the audience interaction throughout the presentation.
Again, a big thank you to the Fishers of Men Sportsmen Club, and to all of you who came to listen to me speak. It was my pleasure, and I look forward to doing it again!! I really enjoyed the time with you guys!

The Reel Tech-Honored

Hello all,

Just wanted to say that I am proud to have met the acquaintance of Christopher Heller, owner of, a site for river fishermen, by river fishermen. Chris’ passion for fishing is undeniable. Just recently, Chris advised me and made an announcement on his site that I would be officially endorsed and recommended as the preferred Fishing Reel and Fishing Rod technician for I am honored to be part of, and to be associated with Chris Heller and

The link to the announcement is:

I have added a link to to my Friends page. Please take some time and browse through Christopher’s site. Chris and his friends are REALLY talented fishermen and know how to harvest the chrome. Their great videos are both entertaining and very informative. The articles and stories section is full of top notch, very accurate, and extremely helpful information.

One thing I applaud Chris for is the fact that he keeps all river names and locations anonymous. Chris encourages site visitors to send in success photos or any fishing photos for that matter, without fear that where you are fishing will be revealed. Gaining true fishing knowledge is never about where, what river, or what spot, its about learning the techniques and tactics, and then applying them to wherever you live, and whatever river you fish. There is a lot of fantastic knowledge that can be obtained from the site, no matter what your skill level at fishing may be.

Thank you Chris Heller and !!

Tight lines and screaming drags!

Jan 9,10 2012 Winter Steelhead Fishing

Had a great time on the water for a couple of days with my Dad and friend Jon Geyer. Water was low, and the fishing was good. We were able to catch fish both side drifting yarn, as well as getting fish in the hard to reach areas with the floats and Reel Tech Custom jigs. My Dad got his best steelhead to date. Fun times! Thanks for joining us Dad, it was great having you along!

Dad bent on steel!

Dad’s jig biting chromer

Jonny Bendo!

Dad with more steel

This fish survived a sea lion attach early on in its journey, never would have known the way it fought!
Check out those teeth marks, finally grabbed a bit of the belly and tore it out.

Myself with a couple

Winter chrome with a mouth full of maribou!!

Reel Tech Jig = Steelhead candy

More to come, its still early!
Tight lines and screaming drags!

Float/Jig Rigging Photo

I have received many requests on how to rig your float/jig system. Through much trial and error, this photo represents my favorite and most effective way to rig a float/jig. I use either 10# Power Pro or 15# Power Pro for my main line. The braid manages easily, is easy to mend, and floats better than monofilament. Most of the time, I like using a 1/4 oz West Coast Type float (Danielson actually makes a similar float, as seen in this photo, that is inexpensive and fantastic as well). I would recommend on super gluing the ends of the clear plastic tube where it exits the float, this will keep the clear tube from coming loose from repeated casting. This process is not necessary with the West Coast Floats as they are fully coated and the tube cannot pop out.
Under the float, I add a 3/16 oz sliding weight, a small bead, and then the #10 barrel swivel. The added weight really helps with keeping the line between the float and the jig vertical and down in the strike zone. The 1/4 oz float and the 3/16 oz weight is the perfect combination for throwing 1/8 oz jigs, as well as the smaller barbel type jigs. The float will ride straight up while drifting down river when using either jig.

Tight Lines!!

Reel Tech Barbell Jigs

Here are some examples of my Reel Tech Barbell Steelhead Jigs.  These are tied on a smaller size #2 or even a size #4 premium hook.  Most often, I use both plated and plain lead barbell eyes because I like the weight they provide over brass.  The hook shanks are then wrapped in .035 lead wire for added weight.  Sometimes the fish want something a bit smaller than the standard 1/8 oz jig, and in the darker colors, they make great clear water buggy looking jigs!  The fish LOVE EM!

Here is an orange/white/chartreuse barbell jig with orange chenille head:

The ever popular pink/white whith hot pink chenille head:

One of my favorites–The Volcano tied in dumbell fashion:

Hot pink/shell pink with shell pink chenille head-Metalhead Magnet for sure !!!:

Here is one tied with brass dumbell eyes-pink/shell pink- shell pink chenille:

These are examples of some fantastic clear water options:

Here is one of my favorite clear water jigs-Black/purple with purple hackle:

Another clear water favorite-Olive and black with black hackle:

Tight lines, bent rods, and screaming drags!!!!

The Reel Tech Barbell Jigs Produce

Sometimes, something a little smaller is in order to convince a steelhead to bite.  These Reel Tech Barbell Steelhead Jigs are tied using premium hooks and lead barbell eyes.  Fished the same way as the traditional 1/8 oz jigs, they have a way of consistently bringing fish to the net when conditions call for a smaller offering.  These small jigs are primo in clearer water, and the darker, buggier looking jigs can really shine under these conditions

Here is a Chrome Rogue River Winter Steelhead that fell for the pink Reel Tech Barbell Jig!!

Here is a pair of upper river steelhead held by Jon Geyer and myself, that couldnt resist this smaller Volcano Reel Tech Barbell Jig!

Here are a couple of upper river fish.  This shows the effectiveness of a darker, buggier looking barbell jig in clear water conditions.

Tight Lines!!!

2-11&12-11 Upper River Jig Fishing

The fishing in the middle Rogue has been slow so far this year.  The fish are on their way however and with rain scheduled for the coming week, it should be on when the river drops back in.

Friday and Saturday were spent on the upper Rogue to see if the fish wanted to play up there.  The fish were much more cooperative, and although not as bright as chrome winter fish in the middle Rogue, they were VERY willing to chomp the Reel Tech Steelhead jigs!!!

Brett Stewart fighting a feisty upper Rogue Steelhead.

In the net!

Brett with a nice jig biter!-Released.

Dave McIntyre bendo on an upper Rogue Steelhead.

Dave McIntyre with a nice jig steelhead!-Released.

A nice upper Rogue Steelhead that couldn’t resist a well placed jig!-Released.

A big buck that ate the jig!-released.

Hatchery Hen that came home with us!

Jig biting steelhead-Released

Small barbell Reel Tech Steelhead Jig!

Couldnt resist the Pink/Orange/White Reel Tech Barbell Jig!

Bobber downs, Bent Rods, Tight Lines and Screaming Drags to all!!!