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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Drag preventative maintenance

A good word of advice to prolong the life of your drag washers, be they a wet drag system or a dry drag system.  Always back off the drag tension when you are done fishing for the day,  it doesn’t take long to reset the next time you use them.

Reel Tech Barbell Jigs

Here are some examples of my Reel Tech Barbell Steelhead Jigs.  These are tied on a smaller size #2 or even a size #4 premium hook.  Most often, I use both plated and plain lead barbell eyes because I like the weight they provide over brass.  The hook shanks are then wrapped in .035 lead wire for added weight.  Sometimes the fish want something a bit smaller than the standard 1/8 oz jig, and in the darker colors, they make great clear water buggy looking jigs!  The fish LOVE EM!

Here is an orange/white/chartreuse barbell jig with orange chenille head:

The ever popular pink/white whith hot pink chenille head:

One of my favorites–The Volcano tied in dumbell fashion:

Hot pink/shell pink with shell pink chenille head-Metalhead Magnet for sure !!!:

Here is one tied with brass dumbell eyes-pink/shell pink- shell pink chenille:

These are examples of some fantastic clear water options:

Here is one of my favorite clear water jigs-Black/purple with purple hackle:

Another clear water favorite-Olive and black with black hackle:

Tight lines, bent rods, and screaming drags!!!!

The Reel Tech Barbell Jigs Produce

Sometimes, something a little smaller is in order to convince a steelhead to bite.  These Reel Tech Barbell Steelhead Jigs are tied using premium hooks and lead barbell eyes.  Fished the same way as the traditional 1/8 oz jigs, they have a way of consistently bringing fish to the net when conditions call for a smaller offering.  These small jigs are primo in clearer water, and the darker, buggier looking jigs can really shine under these conditions

Here is a Chrome Rogue River Winter Steelhead that fell for the pink Reel Tech Barbell Jig!!

Here is a pair of upper river steelhead held by Jon Geyer and myself, that couldnt resist this smaller Volcano Reel Tech Barbell Jig!

Here are a couple of upper river fish.  This shows the effectiveness of a darker, buggier looking barbell jig in clear water conditions.

Tight Lines!!!