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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Summer Steel on the Rogue

Spent a couple mornings out on the water with my good friend Jon Geyer. We were float fishing and tossing big ugly bugs with assorted dropper flies looking for some summer steelhead. We had a couple of great days. The fish were willing and it was nice to fish some steelhead for a change since we have been fishing salmon so much lately.
Here is my friend Mike Hansen with his first Rogue River Steelhead:

Some bent rod shots, the rods in these photos are Reel Tech Custom Float Rods as shown in the Custom Fishing Rods section. These rods are SWEET!!:

Some Rogue River Summer Steelhead:

I love the Rogue River….there is always something to catch, and often times you have the hard decision between targeting salmon or steelhead….life is rough!!
Tight lines and screaming drags to all!!!!

8-27-28-11 Middle Rogue Salmon

Spent the weekend camping on the middle Rogue with the family. We even had some time to enjoy some fishing. Took my brother-in-law Stephen and my Dad on Saturday morning to see if we could get Stephen into his first salmon. Lots of fish showing, but not going. We eventually found one that decided to chomp on the kwikfish.
Stephen Wittenberg with his Rogue River Chinook:

Sunday I took my wife Jennifer and my sister Diane out for a quick float in the morning. My sister went bendo 15 seconds after putting her plug out and the fight was on. We slid the net under her fish. My wife released 2 salmon at boatside that were smaller grade as well.
Here is Diane with her salmon:

A great weekend with the family, with some productive fishing thrown in for good measure!!
Tight Lines!!

8-7-11-Salmon fishing on the Rogue

Spent the day with a couple of great friends on the Rogue again. The salmon fishing has been good and getting even better. The quality of the fish has been great. It is of the opinion of many that the removal of the dams and the higher than normal water levels we are having are making these fish travel upriver much quicker than usual. Good news for us on the upper stretches of the Rogue River!!

George Freitas with a Pig of a Chinook!

George with another:

George hefting some Rogue River bounty:

Wyman White with a nice salmon:

The Reel Tech with a nice bright hen:

Reel Tech Custom-Matching pair of steelhead sidedrifters.

A customer and friend of mine wanted a matching pair of steelhead sidedrifting rods for his boat. He chose Rogue 9′ SS904-2 6-10# blanks for the build. These blanks make fantastic steelhead sidedrifting rods. He wanted to go all out and chose REC Titanium Recoil Guides for their lightness and toughness. He wanted a butt section that was not too long to be cumbersom while wearing the heavy clothing of winter steelhead fishing, but also wanted enough but to have plenty of power while fighting fish. We went with 10″ rear carbon fiber handles which are just about perfect. He really liked the palm swell of the American Tackle AERO Comfort grip seats, so we incorporated them into the build. They turned out fantastic! Two lightweight, super sensitive, steelhead slayin’ tools!!